Time Lapse

So...It has been almost TWO years since I posted here.  In that two years I got married and ya know, had a baby! That baby is already 4 1/2 months old. Insane.  So now its time I start to catch up. I'll start posting random bits and pieces here and there from the wedding and of course, Miss Jovie Cecilia.  I need a place to post some of the many pictures I take of her (and her outfits, ha).  I don't want to bombard everyone on Facebook on a daily basis.  Here it is, my proclamation to blog again...maybe I should set myself a reminder.

Yesh! Organization!

So we have a kitchen gadget/utensil drawer, just like everyone else.  Except not everyone's looks like this, does it?  Wondering what that green thing is?  It cuts the crust off of your sandwiches and makes little trees.  Necessary and thank you Mom, for knowing me enough to know that yes.  I need that.

Look at this mess. Seriously, look.  There's some cool things in there. A guitar shaped cheese "shredder" Get it?
Mike and I did the thing that you do when you're getting married.  Register.  We made the trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and in the very first aisle they had kitchen organization.  Drawers and dividers and shelves, oh my.   We did a little registering for some of those things.  But once I got home I couldn't stop thinking about that one drawer.  That one MESSY drawer.  That drawer where you dig and dig to find the thing you actually need.  Like, the sandwich cutter, perhaps.  So, I did what any sane person does and I made a to-scale cut out of our drawer and the drawer organization options and then measured my tools that were in said drawer.

Angie and I did this in college to plan out our sophmore year dorm room.  That included to-scale cut outs of us as well.  Of course.

I could only wait so long after making my awesome model before I had to go and buy these things.  I just couldn't look at that drawer anymore after imagining what it could look like.  Little metal mesh dividers that were worth every penny.  

Look at that!  Three things are evident here.  1. I like color.  2. I love me some kitchen gadgets.  3. I'm getting old because I'm far too excited about drawer organizers.

hello, gorgeous

A month ago I tried to win a few things in this giveaway contest Dr. Oz was holding, thanks to people I follow on Facebook.  Guess what! I won something and its pretty cool!

It came with free engraving! No commas allowed.

This little bugger is a Clarisonic Opal and the kit retails for $185.00!! What is it?  Well its for using around your eyes to get rid of or diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  Fortunately, I don't have a ton of those...yet.  However, you can use it on puffiness around your eyes.  I've been lusting after a Clarisonic skin cleaning system for months and months now and for registering my Opal, I get a discount, so I just might go for it! Does anyone know of this or have one?  What do you think?

Also, thanks Ang, for the help on what to have it engraved with.  Everyone needs a reminder now and then.

Just another affirmation

About how I don't plan on ever "growing up."

This is what you do when you find a bag of eyeballs.  You must.

I glanced at some of the objects on my desk at work today to realize I have a stapler with added eye balls, (of course) a mini rubber ducky, and a rubberband ball (that I obviously made) all right next to each other.  Now that I look at that Wite Out, it looks kinda dull doesn't it??? Needs some spicing up.

In case you were wondering...

This is what's going on in our back yard.
Our poor neighbor across the alley has been having plumbing problems, aka everything is backing up into their basement.  Ew.  After quite a bit of trouble they finally got the city to agree to come and dig things up and see what the problem is because they've already had a plumber come in and tell them its not something wrong on their end.  You can just barely see it, but they literally have a port-a-potty in their yard.  Apparently they have to go 24 feet down to get to the pipes.  Our hopes are that there is nothing wrong with our plumbing and that they don't accidentally get too close to the shed or our newly planted apple trees that are on the very border of where they're digging.  Fingers crossed for everyone!  Can't wait to see what it looks like when we get home.

Sir Mikesters Birthday (in photos)

I made Mike some birthday cheesecake brownies.
He was thrilled.

That's an awful lot of flames.

The Packer stock I gave him for a wedding present finally got framed.
We went four wheeling.  It was chilly.  And look! I was along for the ride!
Oh Lake Superior, I love you.

Gift Giving-Mike and Nicole Style

I love giving gifts. I love searching until I find the perfect thing for someone. And you know what, I love giving them early because I can't help myself. The excitement of knowing someone just may love the thing you give them is just...too much to bear (is that the right bear?). No one understands this more than Mike. In fact, he is far worse than I when it comes to giving gifts early. He literally cannot help himself.

Our wedding is coming up in September, you know six (6) months away. I gave him his wedding present in January. It was Packer Stock with both of our names on it including my new name. My reasoning for giving it early is that there is an annual share holder meeting coming up before our wedding that I assumed he would want to go to. That was my reasoning anyways.

Cut to last week, Wednesday, Mike tells me I may have a surprise waiting for me on Thursday. Nope it didn't come. This left me another day to try and figure out just what the surprise could be. I for sure thought it was something four wheeler related, with the new four wheeler and all. But I was wrong! Mike walked in the door after work on Friday with two gift bags (that he stole from my closet) and said this is your wedding present. I said, "You can't wait?" He said, "No!!! You saw how upset I was when it didn't show up yesterday!!" And with that, I opened it.

Yee! This was my surprise!! I had zero clue even though I did see him talking with Kari, his cousin and my BFF. Turns out he was consulting with her on what to get. He got a great deal on a used Canon Rebel xsi on ebay. Its in great condition and came with all kinds of extras too. Its the same exact one Kari has so we can consult with each other. Later on Mike asked me "are you glad I didn't wait?" Heck yeah, I am!